Flying M Feed Co houses an indoor hydroponic farm consisting of 5 Tower Gardens and one root veggie Trug where we grow organic produce, indoors, year-round, that is specifically safe and healthy for people AND pets! We harvest every 4-6 weeks and it's actually very exciting (of course we have a harvest celebration and champagne toast)! We put together a ProducePak (a co-op calls this a "share") specifically labeled with feeding and supplemental instructions for how to feed your pet, whether it's a rabbit or a large dog! And of course, you can eat it too!

Several customers have purchased their own hydroponic Tower Gardens and have their own in-home garden!  We offer an awesome payment plan to make it easy, and we will set it up for you and get you started.   We also have a club called The Tower Garden Social Club that meets online and in person..... join us and learn more about how cool it is to have your own hydroponic garden!