Always Evolving

There are always little changes happening in the store, just like in ANY retail store. But right now at Flying M there are MANY changes happening!  If you were here last week, come back this week and you'll see what we mean!  Here's a little overview of how things are changing and what our vision is for the store in 2018:

Coffee Bar and Gallery:  You'll find free coffee, cold drinks, bistro tables, a different art exhibition every month and an amazing selection of gifts.

Craft Collective:  weekly events happen here and this space is an amazingly inspiring spot for creatives and DIY crafters!

Pet Growcery Store and Pharmacy:  a collection of the finest dog, cat, and small animal foods, supplements, and natural remedies.  Home to our famous Treat Bar!

Flying M Indoor Hydroponic Farms:  this amazing space houses our indoor hydro and aeroponic farms- the source of our organic produce for pets.

Jon Hart Boutique:  a collection of Texas' finest handbags, gifts, travel accessories.  

The Flying M Backyard Bird Center:  Our amazing backyard bird center, with the coolest bird feeders and birdhouses you've ever seen!

We do still sell livestock feed and supplies, but we have scaled back our offerings and that part of our store is more of a "feed store express" concept - limited offerings for horse and show animals but a full line of products for poultry.

Come see what we have changed!  You'll love it!  


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